Internship Program

Gateway to a promising career at Blackpeak

Rewarding training opportunity open all-year long

Company Overview

Blackpeak is an international investigative research and risk advisory firm dedicated to uncovering critical risk-related information for our clients worldwide. Our team members have been managing risk consulting projects for more than 20 years covering all industries across the globe. We select our analysts from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds for their persistent curiosity, attention to detail, and analytical ability.

We specialize in investigative due diligence, investigations and security, and business intelligence research. Our in-house team executes each project with unmatched in-country expertise, using customized investigative methodologies. Founded in Asia, the firm now operates from strategic locations in key financial and economic centers, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, New York, Washington DC, and London.

Program Overview

Blackpeak offers both full-time and part-time internship opportunities all year round. Our research internship program is designed for undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates with a keen interest in the business environment of the region in which they wish to apply for an internship. Research interns will have the opportunity to work with our in-house team to provide key support for our research projects. They will develop knowledge and skills in relation to research and investigation work on target companies and their principals, business intelligence, and litigation support.

Research interns will conduct intensive qualitative research and information analysis on individuals, companies, industries or markets. They will assess the quality, reliability and relevance of the information, and present ideas and findings in high quality written reports under the guidance of the Blackpeak team.

Examples of research projects our interns have worked on include:

  • Greater China – Mapping the business interests of mainland Chinese tycoons
  • Japan – Compiling information on civil litigation databases from Tokyo’s local district courts
  • Southeast Asia – Consolidating information on large family-owned conglomerates
  • Americas – Conducting US litigation research on complex cases

Interns with outstanding performance will be considered for full-time positions after graduation.


Successful applicants will preferably be students with or pursuing a degree in social science, humanities, languages or business with experience in qualitative research, and analysis. Full professional proficiency in written and spoken English is required, and native or bilingual proficiency in at least one local language is preferred. The preferred local languages are Arabic, Burmese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, or Vietnamese.

The internship program is designed to span three to six months. For part-time candidates, a minimum commitment of 15 hours a week, and ideally over two consecutive days, for three months is preferred. Interns will be offered a modest monthly allowance. Blackpeak does not sponsor work visas for interns and you should make sure you are legally allowed to work in the location for which you apply.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and cover letter to us at In the subject line of your email, please state “Blackpeak Office Location – Period of Internship – Your Name”. For example, “Hong Kong – Apr to Jun 2020 – Jane Doe”.

In your cover letter, please include the following:

  • Date of commencement
  • Period of internship
  • Type of internship (full-time or part-time)
  • Work hours or days per week (applicable for part-time interns only)
  • Blackpeak office location
  • Language proficiencies
  • Work authorization and, if applicable, visa or residence status
  • Current educational status, including details of your course

All information and materials submitted to Blackpeak will remain strictly confidential and be treated for recruitment purposes only. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.