Global Japan &
Korea Special Risk

Full coverage of the risk mitigation spectrum, which includes

Blackpeak is strategically partnered with Blackpanda and JASR to provide its global Japanese and Korean clients with new special risk insurance advisory services.


When negotiating cover for terrorism and political violence risks for client’s operations, we consider geographical locations, ownership of assets, history of threats or losses and insurable values.

To understand the physical and human security measures in place and to provide advice on risk management procedures and posture, this insurance policy includes:

  • Physical (guard force, private military force, exterior boundary protection, SOPs and processes, crisis response and management, etc.)
  • Intelligence (informational analysis capability, alert procedures, early-warning network, etc.)
  • Community Development (community operations-as-security, intelligence integration; government, non-government and security force relationship management, etc.)
  • Public Relations (engagement support of community operations, crisis management, media management, etc.)
  • Technology (digital security enhancement measures, physical access control, cyber security)

This War and Terror product will include coverage for the following types of events up to USD50,000,000 per event (terrorism, sabotage, riots / strikes / civil unrest, revolution / rebellion / insurrection, mutiny / coup d’etat / indigenous people hostility, civil war).


We are the first ever Asia-headquartered K&R response consulting team and available via the policy 24/7 and can potentially respond to a K&R case in minutes.

Our K&R response consulting team is comprised of both Western and Asian former special operations operators. The ransom element of K&R incident may only account for 25% of the overall cost.

This K&R policy can help by covering the hidden cost and expenses such as:

  • Cost of the response consultant’s fees and expenses (typical range can be $250~500k
  • USD for a three-month operation)
  • Emergency political repatriation and relocation
  • Cost of transferring the ransom from bank to drop-off point
  • Cost of insuring the drop team
  • Cost of insuring ransom-in-transit
  • Job re-training costs for the kidnap and/or hijack victim


Medical evacuation coverage includes response to a 24/7 crisis hotline, and airlift and emergency medical technicians.

We are capable of airlifting victims out of remote locations with planes and helicopters back to Level II Trauma Centers in Asia, or in more extreme cases, can medically airlift personnel back to Level I Trauma Centers in Hong Kong or Singapore.

We offer an added unique feature to Medical Evacuation coverage from remote locations.

Since we have extensive experience in war and other conflict zones, we are uniquely qualified to work with medical airlift capacity to evacuate non-combatants in a Political Evacuation scenario.

Who are Blackpanda and JASR?

Blackpanda is a crisis management and security risk consulting company based in Hong Kong. Formed by former officers of the US Army Special Forces (“Green Berets”) deployed to the Asia-Pacific region, Blackpanda specializes in Asia and maintains global capabilities.

Jing An Special Risks (“JASR”) is a special risks insurance broker based in Hong Kong and backed by Lloyd’s of London.

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