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Supporting our clients in responding to complex global risks, Blackpeak provides multi-jurisdictional investigations and security services.

Blackpeak responds in the private sector with global reach and technical acumen.

Blackpeak is regularly engaged to conduct complex investigations by clients including law firms, investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms and multinational corporations. Whether the goal is to identify evidence in relation to a suspected fraud or conflict of interest, understand undisclosed financial, reputational and political liabilities, or identify the assets of an individual or entity, our global team of local-language analysts, field investigators and experienced case managers is ready to assist.

Our investigators include former law enforcement, financial researchers, policy analysts and investigative journalists. Many members of our team hold globally-recognized certifications including the ACFE’s Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), the International Compliance Associations’ Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) certifications.

With expertise in local laws, regulations and political climates, we understand the importance of legally and ethically navigating every jurisdiction in the region while ensuring that we help our clients obtain the best evidence, information and intelligence possible. Complex investigations and security matters regularly conducted by Blackpeak include the following:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Whistleblower investigations
  • FCPA investigations
  • Conflict-of-interest investigations
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Regulatory and compliance investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support and dispute intelligence
  • Digital forensics investigations and e-discovery
  • Intellectual property and trade secret theft investigations
  • Surveillance, security audits and crisis response

Internal Investigation

Blackpeak works closely with our clients’ in-house security teams, in-house or external counsel in responding to complex internal risks including fraud, conflict of interest, corruption, IP and trade secret theft and/or employee misconduct. Our team of seasoned investigators responds quickly and discreetly, providing valuable strategic input. Such projects range from large regional investigations that take several months or longer, to quick and targeted fact-finding in crises. We also conduct training for clients on responding to internal risks effectively and adequately.

Litigation & Dispute Support

For clients who are anticipating litigation, Blackpeak conducts targeted investigations to understand the background of counterparties and gather information of interest within the legal constraints of the jurisdiction in question. For clients whose cases are ongoing or have concluded, we often work closely with their legal counsel to draw up response plans to maximize gains, minimize losses or take counter action.

Intellectual Property

Blackpeak provides end-to-end intellectual property protection on a country-specific, regional and global basis. Our program recognizes that brand protection starts at the IP owner’s front door. Counterfeiters no longer wait for new product launches to copy designs; pre-launch counterfeits can fetch high prices on the black market. Employees are targeted and offered significant sums of money to steal the latest designs and photos of products still under development. Counterfeiters intent on replicating genuine products also steal labels and packing cartons from brand owners’ factories.

From prevention and monitoring to evidence collection and enforcement, our 360-degree intellectual property protection program provides you with a comprehensive way to tackle the root of the problem.

Digital Forensics and e-Discovery

Our digital forensics practice is fully integrated into our investigations team. Not only do we understand how to obtain, handle, transport, and analyze digital evidence in a secure and forensically sound manner, we also have in-depth knowledge and experience with local legal, regulatory, and political climates. Depending on the situation and jurisdiction, this may involve imaging and setting up a triage forensics lab on-site, constructing a local server for review at a law firm office, or secure transportation back to our digital forensics lab for in-depth analysis.

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Case Studies

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Blackpeak was engaged to conduct an international asset search into a borrower that failed to make interest payments and was showing signs of financial distress. Blackpeak identified a public records footprint for the borrower in several jurisdictions, as well as litigation records indicating that he had previously been involved in several debt-related disputes. Blackpeak was able to determine that the borrower and his family members owned several properties, holding companies and likely also luxury vehicles, beyond what the borrower had reported to the client.

A nutritional food supplier needed to respond quickly after receiving complaints from consumers about counterfeits being sold in chain stores and pharmacies. Blackpeak dispatched teams of investigators visiting hundreds of sellers, purchasing samples and collecting evidence. With notarized evidence in hand, investigators were able to gain the support of an informant in the market, who blew the whistle on the ringleader. After collecting information about the business associates, product pick-up schedules and logistics depots, the intelligence was passed to the client and public security bureau for enforcement action.

Following allegations from whistle-blower employees Blackpeak was engaged to investigate an executive suspected of receiving kickbacks from several associated parties after awarding them contracts. Blackpeak conducted interviews and reviewed internal documents alongside legal counsel and conducted in-depth public records research and discreet human intelligence inquiries on the executive, his alleged accomplices and the companies alleged to have paid him kickbacks. In addition, Blackpeak’s computer forensics team conducted a forensic review of relevant laptops and mobile devices. Ultimately, the client gained insight into the extent of the misconduct by the executive as well as the motivations of the whistleblower.

Blackpeak was engaged by a multinational client in response to allegations of data theft made against a senior manager at one of the multinational’s Asian subsidiaries. Blackpeak’s digital forensics team conducted forensic imaging of company-issued laptops onsite and securely transported the encrypted data back to our digital forensics lab for analysis. Through analysis of digital evidence, we were able to determine that the subject had accessed the client company’s shared server from an external location via a remote login and misappropriated a number of confidential documents.