We conduct highly complex, bespoke research to help investors test their investment hypotheses, acquire strategic market intelligence and understand political risk.

Blackpeak offers superior cross-jurisdictional research that requires on-the-ground inquiries in multiple languages, high-caliber analysis, and discretion.

We help our clients make better business decisions by gathering and assessing strategic business intelligence. To help clients test their investment hypotheses and understand the business and geopolitical environments in which they operate, we design each project with customized investigative methodologies. Our research can focus on verifying specific business operations, understand market potential, or examining the political and regulatory trends. Leveraging our local knowledge, we offer our clients best-in-class insights into market and political risks worldwide.

Listed Company Research

Blackpeak is the clear market leader in investigative research into listed companies for our hedge fund and institutional investor clients.

Our team of researchers works with you throughout the investment cycle, helping you generate ideas, test hypotheses, do your due diligence, and monitor your investments. We provide flexible, interactive service that adjusts as your research questions and strategies evolve. Our research utilizes a variety of creative methodologies to assist our clients in evaluating strategy and performance, leadership decision making, fraud and corruption, and much more. 

We operate strictly within the letter and spirit of laws and regulations relating to information gathering, including MNPI compliance, the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act.

Political Risk Analysis

Blackpeak conducts bespoke, targeted research of specific geopolitical, regulatory, and security challenges to help our clients assess the exposure of their investments and business transactions to evolving political risks. What differentiates Blackpeak is an unparalleled in-house capacity to use our extensive source network worldwide to conduct discreet inquiries. We have particular experience covering countries included in the Belt and Road Initiative, including the ability to deliver superior research and analysis in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Our services include:

  • Critical stakeholder mapping
  • Political exposure assessments of companies and individuals
  • Political risk and ESG monitoring of companies
  • Regulatory risk scenario analyses
  • Sector and industry analyses
  • Country risk reports

Strategic Intelligence

Blackpeak provides competitor, market entry, and supply chain intelligence to a range of clients, including corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, and institutional investors. We are able to offer our clients insights into the business and market positions of their competitors and acquisition targets.

Our sophisticated network of business sources around the world and our ability to find and analyze available but undiscovered information mean that we can provide our clients with highly practical, actionable business intelligence.

Case Studies

See some recent examples of how we’ve helped clients understand and evaluate

Blackpeak was engaged to research special situation investment opportunities amongst overseas-listed Chinese companies for a major international long-only investment fund. As a contrarian investor, our client was seeking significantly undervalued opportunities within a sector discredited by a number of high profile frauds and scandals. Using a combination of detailed market research, including detailed analysis of financial statements and filings, interrogation of public records in multiple jurisdictions, as well as targeted source inquiries, within the capital markets and relevant industry sectors, we provided our client with valuable industry and market intelligence to assist with specific investment selection, analysis and evaluation.

Concerned by erosion in its market share amidst increased competition, a multinational FMCG manufacturer engaged Blackpeak to analyze the complete manufacturing processes and supply chains of targeted key competitors and to help it understand margin structure and profitability. Employing a combination of market research, field inquiries and data analysis, we provided our client with a comprehensive understanding of the competitors’ regional manufacturing and distribution businesses, enabling the client to identify areas of improvement and competitive advantage for its own business.

One of our clients engaged Blackpeak to give a high-level analysis of an opaque country’s political structures and policies regarding energy and FDI. Our team launched an extensive project that utilized country-specific expertise and source inquiries to illustrate the complex political dynamics within the country and its relations with other countries in the region. Part of the project included a methodical overview of the country’s political institutions, a scenario analysis of the leadership succession plan, and an analysis of the political risks involved in these trajectories.