Solving the most complex business challenges

We provide services that cover all the stages of the risk spectrum.


We are the industry leader in complex investigative due diligence – the discreet gathering and analysis of information to identify and assess undisclosed risks.


We conduct bespoke investigative research to help our clients gather strategic intelligence and analyze political risks to help with their decision making.

Investigations & Security

We provide asset tracing and digital forensics services and support our clients in fraud and intellectual property investigations.


We enable clients to conduct cost-effective due diligence on large volumes of third parties in practically every jurisdiction of the world.



Not taking information at face value. We test and re-test information to see whether it is reliable and trustworthy before presenting our analysis to clients.


Combining our investigative expertise with a fundamental understanding of finance and capital markets. Having undertaken field investigations and detailed source inquiries, our analysts can forensically examine detailed financial statements and corporate filings to identify discrepancies and gaps in data disclosure and presentation.


Managing an experienced team of investigators who have a long-established network of relationships, understand the regulatory constraints under which they must operate, and can look beyond generally available information.