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There is no room for routine or boredom at Blackpeak

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Working at Blackpeak

Blackpeak provides much more than a job. There is no room for routine or boredom at Blackpeak. Our associates are constantly involved in exciting projects where they have the opportunity to be exposed to C-level executives and global organizations, thus gaining incredible experience.

Blackpeak provides its employees with numerous benefits: we aim to attract, retain and nurture world-class talent from diverse and international backgrounds.

Multiple training and assignment opportunities are also offered to our associates to support career advancement. In fact, most of our associates started with us as interns before taking on a permanent role and many of our senior management started work at Blackpeak as associates.

While the work is interesting and challenging, Blackpeak’s work environment enables our people to work as a team and maintain a good work-life balance. The work environment is friendly and respectful, and individuals are encouraged to bond with each other and to share their feedback and ideas. We understand the value of our people and we strive to constantly satisfy their needs. The management structure is purposefully flat and very open. All of our people are encouraged to voice opinions and suggest improvements, regardless of seniority.

As a fast-growing firm, we often open new positions in our various offices. Feel free to get in touch with our current team and learn more about what it’s like to work at Blackpeak: they will be happy to share their experiences with you. Join us and be part of this exciting adventure!


Commitment to our clients

We take a long-term approach to our client relationships, focusing on delivering consistent quality work to our clients. We pride ourselves on extraordinarily high client retention rates; our clients remain loyal to us.


Discovering new routes, conquering new summits… at Blackpeak, the opportunities to learn and progress are limitless. We take nothing for granted and enjoy new adventures and challenges.


At Blackpeak, we take great care to respect information, sources, clients and colleagues, as we believe that long-term relationships are critical to a successful company.

Team spirit

Working as a team is critical in our industry to reach the high standards demanded by clients. Employees at Blackpeak are encouraged to interact with each other across all offices at various events. Teams are regularly shifted depending on the project so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences. Staff are given lots of opportunities to travel.